STI Training Seminar
Welcome! We are looking forward to meeting you and sharing how adding STI Testing & Treatment will open doors for your ministry to reach more men and women. You are embarking on an exciting journey! Please complete the following form to register all attendees for the STI Training Seminar.

Please note: The cost of training is $250 for the first attendee and $100 for each additional person. We require a 50% deposit upon registration with the remaining balance due at the time of training. You will receive an email with payment options after submitting this registration form. 

Continue below to save your seats!

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Note: If you only have one or two attendees, please scroll down past "Attendee #3" to complete registration.

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Thank you! You will receive more information at your primary email address shortly. Please share these details with any other attendees and feel free to reply with further questions. We look forward to meeting you!

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